Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By

Gamle By

Den Gamle By or The Old Town is a must see for all visitors in Aarhus. On tripadvisor it's rated 4.5 out of 5 stars so it’s a top tourist attraction for sure. The place is a recreation of a Danish market town from old times and at the same time it is like a street theater. It´s a unique experience. In the middle of the idyllic scenes with real buildings and streets, in Den Gamle By you will find actors dressed up with clothes from that period of time. It´s just like a living postcard from before the 1900s.

Shop the old school way! Step into a merchant's shop that looks precisely like they did in 1864, or try the bakers cakes or bread made the old way with authentic recipes. Here you will have a chance to experience real authentic “hygge”. If you don't know what hygge is, then you should read our article about the danish word hygge.

You can easily spend some hours there without getting bored.

Entrance fee: the price depends on what time of year you drop by, but luckily they give discounts for students. Price range for students in 2017 is between 5.53 euro and in peak season 9.66 euro.(1.april to 3. september)


How to get to Den Gamle By:

The place is situated around 1 km from the center of Aarhus, so it should be no problem to get there walking. You can also take a bus to get there (3A, 19, 111, 114 and 116)



Viborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C