Capital of Culture 2017

European Capital of Culture 2017: Aarhus

Aarhus 2017 Capital of Culture

The European Capital of Culture initiative started back in 1985 making this the 32nd year of celebrating the European cultural and diversity richness. But did you know that each city that is willing to participate in this yearly event need to apply first and compete with other cities until the decision is made and only until four years later they are be able to host it.

This year is the turn for Aarhus and since its inauguration in January, it has been filled with multiple happenings all around central Denmark. The main theme for this is European Capital of Culture is “Rethink” and its purpose is to transform the central region into a “cultural laboratory” where solutions are challenged to take a different approach from the usual one in order to better display to the world the Danish culture, history and traditions.

Among the exciting upcoming events taking place in Aarhus are:

Big is Beautiful: Tina Dickow Accompanied by Giant Choir

Famous and beloved Danish pop singer/songwriter, Tina Dickow will offer a fabulous concert in Aarhus together with Choir 72 presenting her greatest hits and new songs in a spectacular and unforgettable way. The concert will be on the first of April at 19:30 at the Musikhuset Aarhus with prices ranging from 160-295 DKK.

Spring Forward

Are cultural and artistic events something for you? Then you will want to attend the Spring Forward Festival where emerging European choreographers present the latest dance trends in 25 performances around Aarhus. Enjoy them from the 28th to the 30th of April. Price: TBA.

Rock the Region

If you are into music and discovering new sounds from independent upcoming bands then this is an event for you. Rock the Region is a special project that focuses on developing and strengthening few lucky local bands to get into the spotlight by going into a concert tour and being part of the yearly SPOT festival. This year, the line-up is: You Work For Me Now (indie pop), Rasmus Trinderup (pop creator), We Need Lilo (Indie rock), King Kross (electro-rocket crooner), Ryan (Nordic folk/pop), and Facaden (energetic rap-hip-hop), and they will play in the Remisen in Aarhus the fifth of May for free.

SPOT festival

Explore the new trends in Nordic music! Over 70 upcoming Nordic musicians will be performing over different venues in Aarhus from the fourth to the seventh of May. If you are under 25 years, prices range from 195 DKK (Friday or Saturday) to 345 DKK (Thursday to Sunday).

Premiere - Opening Night

A special and experimental theatrical experience depicts a psychological drama of a theatre actor and his inner feelings and thoughts he experiences behind the scenes. This play will be shown at the Aarhus Theater from the 24th of May to the 17th of June with prices starting from 160 DKK.