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Food and Fun Aarhus

Cafés in Aarhus

If you ever wondered why Aarhus is a “hygge” place, here you will find the answer. There are plenty of cozy places which you’ve probably never heard about. That’s why we’ve picked some of the most student-friendly places (in terms of prices, of course). Here you might find which cafés in Aarhus can become your new favorite spot to enjoy the Danish coziness together with a good cup of coffee. Read more about Cafés in Aarhus.

Restaurants in Aarhus


Discos/Bars in Aarhus

Looking for a great night out but don’t know what are your options? Aarhus is ideal if you are looking for a legendary time so, whether you are a curious new student in the city or you are already settled in and bored, here you will find the best CLUSTY solutions that will fit both your spirit and your pocket! Read more about Discos and Bars in Aarhus.

Movies in Aarhus

Bored or just eager for a chilling evening in town? We have listed some suggestions for new movies that are promised to be the hits of this month. Read more about Movies in Aarhus.