Discos/Bars in Aarhus

Discos and Bars in Aarhus

 These are the best spots for partying in Aarhus you should check out!

Looking for a great night out but don’t know what are your options? Aarhus is ideal if you are looking for a legendary time so, whether you are a curious new student in the city or you are already settled in and bored, here you will find the best CLUSTY solutions for partying in Aarhus that will fit both your spirit and your pocket!


Sherlock Holmes Pub

If you are an international student in Aarhus, you’ve probably heard of this place. It is just perfect for enjoying a few beers while listening to live music from various international musicians or even having a go at the karaoke. However, if you are more into games, the pub have something for you, as well. Every now and then, it hosts different games events for you and your friends to compete in.
All this in a typical English-themed ambiance and with student-friendly prices. So, don’t hesitate to visit, we know you will like it for sure.
Price: budget
Rank: 4/5
Address and Telephone: Frederiksgade 76A, Aarhus, Denmark, +45 8612 4050


Peter Gift

This is a traditional Danish pub that has been around for more than a 100 years. You can almost sense the fun right from the doors and it is the ideal place for partying in Aarhus like a true Dane. If you like trying out different beers this is your dream place; it offers 60 different types from all over the world so, you better get to it as it will take you a while to taste them all!
This is a budget place perfect for Thursdays night outs!
Price: budget
Rank: 4.3/5
Address and Telephone: P. Bruuns Gade 28, Aarhus, Denmark, +45 8612 0163


Highlander’s Bar

Looking for chill out place in Aarhus? CLUSTY recommends you Highlanders, a rustic but cozy place, where you will not be disturbed by the noisy TV or music bass. So, if you are more into a calm evening and an open talk with your friends, Highlanders is just for you.
Here you can find all types of whiskey that can possible exist or, at least a LOT of them, more than 200 types actually. And there’s more: 100 types of rom, 80 types of beer and up to 30 types of bourbon. Isn’t that enough for a looong night?
Price: mid-range
Rank: 3.5/5
Address and Telephone: Mindebrogade 5, Aarhus 8000, Denmark, +45 86 13 14 79



If you are more into cocktails and a chilled evening, check this spot out. The exotic drinks, such as the Jamaican cocktail (which is a must-drink here), together with the live music sessions that have become a tradition at LAVA, will have as a result a chic, elegant and relaxing night.
Price-mid range
Rank: 4.2/5
Address and Telephone: Åboulevarden 22, Aarhus, Denmark, +45 2553 3031


The Australian Bar

Looking for a crazy night out? The Australian Bar is the perfect place if you have decided you want to party all night long. The bar provides student discounts and maybe you will even catch free beers, if you are lucky. In addition, there is a 10 kr bar on Thursdays all night long and on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight.
Price- budget
Rank: 4/5
Address: Åboulevarden 21, 8000 Aarhus C +45 3037 0738


Tir Na Nog

If you are a fan of Irish pubs and watching sport events this place will become your regular weekend spot. Here you will enjoy a wonderful night with good beers and friends in a nice Irish atmosphere.
Price: budget
Rank: 4.5/5
Addressa and Telephone: Frederiksgade 40, 8000 Aarhus C +45 8619 1910



Aarhus is a city full of events but there is one place that unites all the young people around the city and that is Train. The club hosts various concerts and events, holding huge parties almost every weekend. Check out their calendar and be sure to catch a spot for the next cool thing coming up!
Price: mid-range
Rank: 4.5 /5
Address and Telephone: Toldbodgade 6, 8000 Århus C +45 8613 4722


Seems like now you know all the top places for partying in Aarhus so, get out there and enjoy because the night is oh, so young!