Basic Phrases in Danish

When you move to a different country there are always things you need to consider in order to have a better experience. One of them is the language. In Denmark, the official language is Danish although a big part of the population speaks English too as they begin learning it early in school. But if you really want to fit in you need to give it an extra effort and learn Danish. It is a hard language but not impossible to learn! Here we list you some very basic phrases in Danish to help you kick-start the learning process and impress the Danes (they love it when someone tries to speak their language).


Polite phrases in Danish


English                                          Danish

Hello                                                   Hej

Goodbye                                             Farvel / Hej hej

Good morning                                  Godmorgen

Good evening                                   Godaften

Good night                                        Godnat

See you!                                             Vi ses!

Have a good weekend                     God weekend

Welcome                                           Velkommen

Thank you                                         Tak

You are welcome                              Selv tak

Excuse me                                         Undskyld

Hvad siger du?                                 What did you say?

Yes                                                      Ja

No                                                       Nej


Introduction phrases in Danish


English                                           Danish

What’s your name?                          Hvad hedder du?

My name is …                                    Jeg hedder …

Where are you from?                       Hvor kommer du fra?

I come from …                                   Jeg kommer fra …

How old are you?                             Hvor gammel er du?

I am … years old                              Jer er … år gammel

Where do you live?                         Hvor bor du?

I live in …                                          Jeg bor i …


There you have it, your first crash course in Danish. Although, if you are really serious and want to learn Danish for good, there are different options we can recommend you which we write about on Where and How to Learn Danish.

So, how has been your experience with Danish? Let us know on a comment!

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