The Danish "Hygge"


Hygge is a Danish word that you for sure need to know, if you are about to study in Denmark. Most Danes likes to Hygge and it is an essential part of living in Denmark. Hygge is pronounced “Hy-ga” and can properly best be translated into “Cozy”. It is about being cozy. It is important to have.

Most Hygge takes place at home with friends and family. Think about a cold winter night in December. It is snowing outside and you and your family is sitting inside the warm house with a cup of hot chocolate and a newly home baked bread. The aroma of the newly baked bread is spreading all over the house and Christmas carols is playing in the from the radio. The lights are dimed and the family is sitting with blankets around the table and enjoying themselves with some board games.

This is just one example of what is real Hygge. But it can also be much more. It can be a visit to the Old Town in Aarhus with the idyllic sceneries – to visit the authentic shops from old times and get a taste the old recipes together with your friends and family. And it could be visiting a café in the Latin quarter of Aarhus, or maybe go to the cinema and shopping in Aarhus center.

So, if you want to define “Hygge” then it is often something to do with a nice atmosphere, gathering with good people and some good food and drinks.

Hygge can be whatever you think of it. You can see what some of the international students in Aarhus think of the word “Hygge”.