Where and How to Learn Danish

If you have already learned the Basic Phrases in Danish and you are looking for more of a challenge, here we have listed some options as to where and how to learn danish that you could take as your next step toward mastering the language.


  • Laerdansk. This is the best option is to enroll yourself on. Laerdansk is Denmark’s largest language center and after moving to Denmark you get the first three years for free. There are five modules (six if you are really pro) and you learned together with other group of internationals like you.
  • Swap Language is another option where you can sign up to find a partner that wants to teach you their native language, in this case Danish, but also wants to learn yours. As simple as that! This is also a great opportunity to grow your Danish network, as it will come very handy in the future.
  • Taldansk Café. If you are on an intermediate or advanced level, you should try Taldansk Café. Here you will get to practice your Danish with a native speaker, it is similar to Swap Language but here is more of a group gathering that happens at Laerdansk every week from Monday to Thursday from 10.30 to 18.00.
  • Danish reading for internationals is also worth a try as you can practice your listening and pronunciation skills by listening to the staff at Dokk1 read aloud texts in Danish. Reading and listening to Danish really helps a lot in the learning process because written and spoken Danish are totally different, as you might have already found out.


There are of course other simpler ways for you to learn such as watching TV with Danish subtitles, reading Danish newspapers or magazines, listening to Danish music or seeing a Danish movie at the cinema although this last option is a bit more pricey.

Now you know where and how to learn Danish at any time, any place. Get out there, start practicing and let us know how it goes on the comments!

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