Networking in Aarhus

Networking in Aarhus

Networking in Aarhus

Making friends in a new country can be challenging. Here we have some suggestions if you are looking to enlarge your network. Take a look:


International Yoga classes:

Doing sport is always a good idea and if you haven’t tried Yoga yet, this is the right moment. Attending the internationals class will give you the chance the meet other people like you, so you will have subjects in common to talk about with each other. Moreover, you will have a great time experimenting Yoga, believe us!

Read more about Yoga Collective.


English stand-up comedy:  

A good option if you want to have a funny night among other internationals, who are also mostly students. You will hear jokes from all over the world, some of them funnier than others, as the comedians come from different countries. So, we hope you have a well-trained humor sense before you go there.

Read more about Stand-up Comedy Aarhus.


Last but not least, there are two other “places” which objective is centered only around building a network among internationals:


Aarhus Internationals Facebook page

Here you can look for different events or even find co-nationals, if you are feeling home sick.


International Community web page

This is basically a virtual guide to Denmark for international events in the whole country.