Universities in Aarhus

Best Universities in Aarhus, Denmark

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Denmark is known for its high-quality education which is offered for free to all EU students. 

Danish education system is centered around active participation and team work among students. If you come to study in a University in Denmark, you are expected and encouraged to challenge and question the lecturers' teachings whenever you feel it is necessary to do so. 

As a student, you will be part of class presentations and oral exams which you have to base on the practical use of what you learn during each semester. Teachers expect you to take the education as a full time job but, as it has been our own experience, it can get to be even more than that.

Danish Universities rank among the top universities in the world, and in Aarhus you can find several good options for you to take into consideration when deciding to move here. Some of the universities that are in Aarhus are: Via University College, Aarhus University, and Business Academy Aarhus. 

Via University College

Via University College is a university of applied sciences and the largest -and most international- university college in Denmark, although in Aarhus there are only two programs available in English: Bachelor of Global Business Engineering, and Value Chain Management.

Aarhus University

Aarhus University is one of the most academically diverse universities in Denmark with a strong focus on research. It has collaborations with government agencies and institutions to contribute to the development of society. And if that wasn't enough, the actual queen of Denmark, was one of its students. In Aarhus you can find three bachelor programs taught in English: Cognitive Science, Marketing and Management Communication, and Economics and Business Administration which counts with seven different focus areas: Business Analytics, Corporate Communication, Financial Management, Global Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Business.

Business Academy Aarhus

We saved the best for last. As being ourselves students at Business Academy Aarhus, we can tell you from our own experience that studying here has been one of our best decisions we have made in regards to education. BAAA is also a university of applied sciences that is strongly focused on developing and offering practice-oriented programs mainly within the fields of IT, Technolog, and Business. Among the programs you can find in this university are: Bachelor in Financial Management and Services, AP in Automotive Technology, AP in Chemical and Biotechnical Science, AP in Environmental Management, AP in IT Network and Electronics Technology, AP in Marketing ManagementAP in Multimedia Design and Communication, BA top-up in Agricultural and Environmental ManagementBA top-up in Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process TechnologyBA top-up in Digital Concept DevelopmentBA top-up in Innovation and EntrepreneurshipBA top-up in International Sales and Marketing ManagementBA top-up in Product Development and Integrative TechnologyBA top-up in Software Development, and BA top-up in Web Development.


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