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Aarhus University

aarhus university

Why should you consider studying at Aarhus University?

Possibility to study for free
If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you can study here for free. Otherwise, you need to pay tuition fees which range from €8,000 to €13,500 annually.
Top 100
The school, with its multiple departments and faculties, is ranked in the top 100 among over 17.000 universities around the world by several influential rankings.
Wide range of courses
The number of courses which you can choose from is amazing! It includes around 60 programmes in English (Bachelor’s and Master’s level)
Aarhus University has 44.500 students (2013) including 5000 foreign students representing around 100 nationalities. This means, that your possibilities of building a network and relationships are incredible!

Kinga, Poland

The best advice is always an opinion taken from a person who has experienced the same you will be going through soon. Kinga is a 22 year old student from Poland, currently studying at Aarhus University, and she has shared with us what is like to study in Aarhus.

Kinga, Polish student