Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus

business academy aarhus

Why should you consider studying at Business Academy Aarhus?

In a previous post we wrote about the pros of studying at Aarhus University, but the city also offers an University of Applied Sciences called Business Academy Aarhus. 

Small classes
The number of students in one class at Business Academy Aarhus consists of around 30 people. It gives an opportunity to be involved in the studying process and ask as many questions to the teachers as you want.
Group work
During the studies, students spend most of the time on group work. It gives a possibility to prepare yourself for the real work environment, when you have to be able to work efficiently in teams.
Business Academy Aarhus provides most of their study programmes in both Danish and English. There is around 1000 international students at the school and a wide range of social activities, which help them to know each other and find new friends.
All the students need to take part in an internship programme where people can learn how to use the knowledge learnt during their studies and put it into practice. The duration of the internship is typically 3-5 months. Business Academy Aarhus cooperates with different companies in Denmark and abroad, which gives a possibility to get relevant experience. We asked few students from different programs, what they think about studying at Business Academy Aarhus. Feel free to check their testimonials!

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