Public transportation in Aarhus

Public transportation in Aarhus

Bus in Aarhus


Yellow Busses

The Yellow busses in Aarhus are the city buses. They are a nice and easy way to get around in the city. You can buy a ticket inside the bus but remember to bring cash. One ticket costs about DKK 20. You can also download the app to purchase tickets. To find out which bus you need to take, check out the Yellow bus' route system on the Midttrafik's website. 

Blue Busses

The Blue buses, also called regional buses, are for travelling longer distances such as in-between cities. There are two kinds, regular blue buses and X blue buses. The X stands for Express and this means that these buses have less stops than the regular blue buses so you will arrive faster to some destinations with these. You can buy a ticket inside the bus but remember to bring cash. The cost varies depending on how long a distance you will travel but the cheapest ticket costs around  DKK 20. To find out which bus you need to take, check out the Blue bus' route system or the X bus route system on the Midttrafik's website. 


All buses are marked with a route number/name on the front and side windows. When travelling, you have to be alert about the zone system in the city and/or the zone system in Central Jutland and make sure the you have a valid ticket for the zone you are travelling in and that it has not expired. There will be from time to time be a bus ticket inspector that checks your ticket. You will get a big fine, DKK 750, for not having a valid ticket.

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There are two train companies in Denmark, Arriva and DSB. The first one is for the regional trains and are colored green. The latter one is for the InterCity trains and are colored gray. Arriva trains include stops on small cities thorughout Denmark and it has two kind of routes, regular and REX (Regional Express). DSB is more for travelling to bigger cities within Denmark.

You can not buy a ticket in the train, so you have to make sure that you already got it before you get on. In the trains you can use Rejsekort or Season Card. You can also use the same ticket that you use for the buses if you are within the allowed zone and time limit.



Single tickets are meant to be used within a defined zone and time limit (1-hour).Buying a single ticket every time you travel, can be really expensive in the long run. Therefore you might consider these other options mentioned below:


Periodekort / Season Card

If you're travelling the same rout on a regular basis, then you might wanna consider the Periodekort / Season Card. You can choose how long time the season card should be valid, the minimum is 30 days and the maximum is 365 days. You will get some discount by buying the season card and at the same time you can use it all the time within the zones your card is valid for.

You will need valid ID and a photo to get a Season Card. You can order it online or get it in the customer stores in Aarhus at the bus station:


Midttrafik Kundecenter
Tlf. 70 210 230
Aarhus Rutebilstation
Fredensgade 45
8000 Aarhus C


Rejsekort / Travelling Card

A lot of people are now using the travelling card called “Rejsekort”. It is similar to the Oyster system from London, if you have ever tried that. It is an electronic ticket system in the buses and trains. You need to register to get the card on the website and there you will find different kinds of cards you can choose from.

Rejsekort has been criticized for various reasons. One point is that you have to make sure that there is always enough credit on the card. You can only transfer money to the card the day before you travel, so there has been a lot of cases where people couldn't travel because they forgot to reload the card. You will also have to remember to check in and out every time with the card. But this card is already implemented in many buses and all trains, so it can be a convenient choice for some.


Mobile Apps

Find out which mobile apps are worth downloading for transportation and overall life in Aarhus.